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Pizanos Pizza in Visalia, CA


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Wood Fired Pizza
in the
Heart of Downtown Visalia
100% Handmade neopolitan pizza, wood-fired oven baked. All pizzas are 12" round large individual size. Made hand by hand, naturally leavened & baked solely with a wood fire at 850 degrees. Pizzas are served directly from the oven when they are ready. No slices.
When pizza is freshly prepared by chefs using only premium ingredients and quickly cooked in a wood-fired oven, it's a treat for all senses, from the sound of its sizzle to the feel of the cheese in your mouth to its delicious taste. At Pizanos, we've made it our mission to bring the experience of handmade Neapolitan pizza to the people of Visalia, CA, allowing them to taste some of the best of what Italy has to offer without having to leave town.

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What Makes Us Special

All of our pizzas are 12-inch round large individual size, and they are made by hand with dough that's naturally leavened before being baked at 850 degrees. This intense heat allows the pizzas to cook in only 90 seconds before they're ready to be served, bringing them from preparation to your table in just minutes. We're proud to offer toppings that are locally sourced as well as being both fresh and organic. In addition, all of our sauces and doughs are always prepared in-house.

At Pizanos, we only sell individual-sized pies because we feel our wood-fired pizza is better enjoyed whole rather than by the slice. We offer both take-out and dine-in options, and if you're planning an event, our dining room is also available for rental. We're located right in the heart of Visalia. Come in today and get a taste of how real pizza should really be.
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