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Gallery for Pizanos Wood Fired Pizza in Visalia, CA


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At Pizanos, we have enough varieties of homemade sauces and fresh, organic toppings that you could come in every day and enjoy a different fresh and hot pizza without ever having to eat the same thing twice. We'd certainly love for you to see for yourself all the different delicious flavor combinations that can come from a simple 12-inch round wood-fired pizza.

Undecided about which toppings to use? To help you get started, we have popular combinations ready for you to try on your next visit! We always use fresh ingredients so any toppings picked will be the perfect blend. Our gallery of pizza pictures is not meant to restrict you like a menu but instead to spark new ideas and inspire you to come in and enjoy our freshly made Neapolitan pizzas as soon as possible. We can't wait for you to experience what makes Pizanos so special!